Trust & Estate Law


At Th. Ieronymides & Associates LLC, we provide legal counselling and advice on matters relating to the setting up of trusts, ranging from Charitable Trusts, Purpose Trusts, Property Trusts and the most commonly used, Cyprus International Trust.

Setting Up a Cyprus International Trust

Establishing a Cyprus International Trust comes with a straightforward and well-regulated legislation and is a forward-thinking strategy to protect your assets on behalf of your beneficiaries.

A Cyprus International Trust works in line with a Trust Instrument which allows the “Settlor” to impose legal obligations upon the “Trustee/s” to manage the said Trust and all of its assets therein solely for the benefit of the “Beneficiary/ies”.

Cyprus International Trust Requirements

Any individual with legal capacity can form a Cyprus International Trust however there are certain residency requirements for all parties involved with a Cyprus International Trust.

The Settlor

In Cyprus, the creator of an International Trust is referred to as the “Settlor” and can be either a natural or legal person. In the case of a legal person, the individual must not be a Cyprus resident during the calendar year immediately preceding the formation of the Trust.

The Trustees

At least one of the “Trustees” is required to be a Cyprus resident for the entire existence of the Cyprus International Trust. At Th. Ieronymides & Associates LLC, we offer Trustee Nominee services enabling “Settlors” to appoint “Trustees” regardless of their place of residency. By appointing a nominee Trustee in Cyprus, the “Settlor” is guaranteed that their “Trustee/s” living abroad will be catered to accordingly.

The Beneficiary

“Beneficiaries”, in the case of both natural and legal persons, should not be Cyprus residents during the calendar year immediately preceding the formation of a Cyprus International Trust.