Nominee Services

We provide nominee services to our clients seeking to leverage management and control of their companies registered in Cyprus.

In order to claim that a Cyprus company is a tax resident in Cyprus, the majority of its board of directors must reside and work in Cyprus. Appointing Nominee Directors, Shareholders and Company Secretary all satisfy this standard.

Nominee Services are devised through an Instrument of Trust whereby the identity of the beneficial owner is protected and concealed from the Registrar of Companies and, subsequently, the public record.

The Nominee Services we offer include the following:

  • Nominee Director
  • Nominee Shareholders
  • Company Secretary
  • Registered Address
  • Substance services
  • Trustee Services

When is a Cyprus company considered a Tax resident?

A Cyprus company is considered a tax resident in Cyprus if its management and operations are exercised in Cyprus. There are a number of strategies carried out to ensure that Cyprus companies are indeed recognised as Cyprus tax residents, namely:

  • The majority of the Board of Directors are Cypriot residents;
  • Board of Directors’ meetings of the Cyprus company take place in Cyprus;
  • General policy of company is formulated in Cyprus (i.e. important decisions are taken in Cyprus);
  • There are no Powers of Attorney granting broad powers to non-Cypriot resident persons, (e.g. general power of attorneys are not issued to non-Cyprus residents);
  • The Cyprus company’s books and records are archived at the said company’s registered address in Cyprus;
  • Bank accounts are established in Cyprus;
  • Book-keeping and accounting are managed in Cyprus and with annual accounting audits signed off by a certified accountant in Cyprus.